Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reviving my Inner Child

One of the main reasons I decided to get back into tabletop RPGs was in order to fulfill my need for a creative outlet. The role of the DM pulls from multiple creative disciplines and rolls them all into one. A good DM is a storyteller, writer, improviser, actor and to varying degrees, a visual artist.

Now, in my younger days, I was a copious drawer of stuff and things... usually the bizarre sorts of stuff and things that would spring like little mal-formed Athenae from my forehead... usually complete with lasers, or robotic appendages. I kept numerous sketchbooks from my childhood and throughout high school. I could never keep up with a diary or journal, preferring to express myself in pictures and doodles.

When I reached college, my artistic flood began to wane. I found myself increasingly blocked and when I had an idea, I would often second guess my skill to render it, or the "coolness" of the drawing in the first place. My drawing sessions became fewer and further between.

After college, I got sick, and my drawings were put on indefinite hold... debilitating hand tremors will do that. However, as I slowly recovered the use of my hands, I found that my urge to draw remained at least as muted as it was in college, though mostly again because of mental blocks and lack of inspiration.

When I began playing D&D again, I happily found it provided a convenient body of material from which to rekindle my love of drawing. Perhaps the imaginative nature of the game broke through to my inner child so that I spent less time questioning what and why I was drawing, and more time focusing on how... and actually doing it! If I needed a why, I could just say, "It's for the game!"

Anyway, here are a couple images that have been directly inspired by my recent rpg endeavors... Note: the comic will not make any sense to you unless you have experienced the convoluted mathematical system used to determine the price for any given magic weapon or suit of armor in D&D... believe me, it's a pain in the butt!

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