Friday, March 4, 2011

A Dance With Dragons

It's official, George R.R. Martin, one of the fantasy genre's best and most infuriating authors will FINALLY release the fifth book in his dark fantasy series, a Song of Ice and Fire on July 11, 2011! After five long years, the wait is over, A Dance with Dragons will hit the shelves! Though the lack of buzz about this being the final book suggests that we will probably all be waiting another decade for more.

I recall finishing his first novel, A Game of Thrones and wanting to hurl it across the room because the second book wasn't out and I wanted fictional vengeance!

Seriously, George, why can't you be like that nice young boy, Patrick Rothfuss who limits his series to trilogies about a single protagonist and who releases his books less than two years apart!?

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  1. One of my least favorite questions at the info desk when I worked at bookstores was: "When is the next George R. R. Martin book coming out?"

    "Never," I would say. "Resign yourself to disappointment."

    They always thought I was joking.


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