Friday, March 25, 2011

Into the Feywild

The lovely GF and I are off to a cabin in the woods to celebrate our third anniversary! We'll be back on Wednesday.

In the mean time, who would you kill, who would you marry and who would you screw?



The Tarrasque

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  1. In what sense exactly do you define "screw"?

    If you mean to have sex with, i assume that would happen with whichever i chose to marry, either by will or against will. Most likely against my will given the choices.

    If you mean to mess with, screw up, joke around, yank a chain, pull their leg, and foil their plans, that must be something in addition to just outright killing, right?

    I would kill the Mindflayer, because i like my mind and want to keep it. I would screw the beholder, because i don't see any genitalia on it which likely amounts to dry humping, which is relatively safe, but only if i were paid a kingdom to do it or my life depended upon it.
    Or i would screw the beholder by cutting it's eye stalks off and blinding its big eye. Not enough to kill it, just enough to let it live crippled and in pain.
    I would marry the tarrasque because dinosaurs are cool and it honestly looks like the least dangerous to live with. Besides, the 4th edition Tarrasque cannot be killed apparently, unless you are specifying a particular edition of Tarrasque.


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