Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Hero Machine!

I know I just posted about the Hero Machine last month, but I honestly think this tool warrants a second post.

In a nutshell (known as the internet) the Hero Machine is a virtual paper-doll interface that allows the user to create custom portraits of superheroes, humanoid monsters, zombies and other fantastic figures. The tool is ideal for creating portraits for characters in a D&D game, and my players have used it to excellent effect for just that.

I first discovered the Hero Machine when it was in version 2.5. While this remains the official release, the alpha test of the new version 3.0 has already far surpassed the capabilities of its predecessor.

Rayne (Hero Machine 2.5)
Rayne (Hero Machine 3)
 The Hero Machine Facebook page summarizes its purpose thusly:

"A website, HeroMachine was built to let people bring their imaginations to life, even if they can't draw a straight line."

Hero Machine is ideal for folks who might feel unsure of their artistic skills but who have a character idea just screaming to be realized. It's also perfect for an over-taxed GM like myself who wants to create a whole slew of character portraits with a consistent look and feel.

With that said, I would now like to present to you a sample of character portraits created by my players and me using the Hero Machine.

Mustardseed (Hero Machine 2.5)

Eleanor Daystar (Hero Machine 3)

Kit (Hero Machine 3)

Rua'Lanna (Hero Machine 3)

Santiago de Compostela (Hero Machine 3)

Vester (Hero Machine 2.5)

Kit's Clockwork Spider-Thief (Hero Machine 3)

Virago (Hero Machine 3)


  1. Interesting. I'd never seen the site before but I may have to use it some time when I'm procrastinating. Thanks for the information.

    Dawn's Writing Blog

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! Your PCs looks fantastic, this is exactly the kind of thing I always hoped would happen when I built HeroMachine.


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