Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Back in the Saddle

A creative experiment for y'all. If you were going to develop a fantasy adventure or story from one of the pictures found here: how would it go?

My regular D&D night is scheduled to start back up this week after our usual two-week in-between time. I have to admit, it feels like it has been longer, and I'm feeling a bit uninspired. Perhaps its the aforementioned slowdown in the story in terms of how much we have been getting through in the last few sessions. I work better when I feel the pressure of time, whether it is at work or at play. With nothing to plan, I've gotten soft and lazy. I can feel my creative mind beginning to atrophy.

I'll definitely need to snap myself out of this funk after this week, because I'm sure my group will resolve their current situation in one way or another (read: victory or death) this Thursday. I do have a pretty kickass idea for the next step, but beyond that stuff starts to get fuzzy and will really depend on the desires of the group.

I've been perusing my blogroll in an effort to kick-start my thought processes. There have been a couple new posts in the Architect DM series on creating histories for your fantastical cultures (part 1, part 2) though I must say they are a little short on architecture. There have also been a couple posts on prep-lite maps for games. I may give the technique a try, though I have a feeling that my literal-minded players might be bothered by some of the vagaries of the prep-lite technique.

"What do you mean we go down a couple halls and through a barracks between the throne room and the summoning chamber!? How long are the halls and what do they smell like!? I need to draw it on my map and add the smell notations!"

In other news, I was just made a moderator over at Obsidian Portal and am basking in the heady glow of nerdly authoritauh!

Finally, my spacebar thumb really hurts... way too much typing last week.

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