Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Iron Maiden!?


Yesterday, I was about to post about the awesome image blog, Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor when I was temporarily distracted by what may actually have been an online tabloid troll.*

Anyway, on to the awesome! Here are a couple samples:

Originally from WOTC

By Wraithdt

This one reminds me of the half-orc the GF played in one of our campaigns
-by Hamsterly

I thoroughly approve of armor as clothing to serve a defensive purpose. And while instances of unreasonable female armor have certainly outstripped (get it?) their male counterparts by a longshot, let us not forget that Frank Frazetta, who really got a lot of this stuff started, just liked to see everyone naked.

Because all you really need is a helmet and a belt...

Oh, and maybe a metal breastplate for those chilly trips to the arctic...


  1. It really does drive me a little nuts to see women warriors in films who fight in bikinis. Same with the males who fight in fur-lined briefs. Seems like a lot of unnecessary road rash for when you get knocked on your butt during a fight.

  2. I am reminded of this book - - with the series of Angus MacBride color plates in the middle, most of whom are wearing sensible and period armor.

  3. I know, right!? Of course there is also the opposite but related problem of excessively elaborate fantasy armor. Spikes and serrations, while cool looking just make sure that a sword or axe blow slides to the same (usually weaker) spot each time. And overly ornate pauldrons really just make your arms extra tired and block peripheral vision.


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