Monday, November 14, 2011

Fortune's Fool

Another week begins after a particularly fortuitous weekend.

I am now, officially weird uncle Sporkchop. My first niece was born early Friday morning on 11/11/11 which is  significant for those who like seeing the same number written in series, those who really like Spinal Tap, and those who are robots.

As part of my weird uncle duties (not to be confused with doodies) my mind has been mulling various obnoxious nicknames that I might bestow upon the newlyborn. Many of these nicknames, of course, were inspired by her birthdate and include:

  • Nigel
  • One louder
  • Onesie
  • Carbon Unit #63 (binary birthdate in expressed in base 10)
  • Brookie Cookie
  • Trouble
Anyway, other fortuitous (but ultimately less important) events followed in the wake of my niece's arrival. A friend of mine, who works for a well known gaming company called me up, because he had acquired a "butt-ton" (a scientific measurement used in the literary field... of my brain) of game books in a recent purge of his office space and was wondering if I would be interested in any of his "leftovers"

"um?... yes!"

Well, upon arrival at his house, I found that his "leftovers" filled the trunk of his car. He had already selected those that he needed for his personal collection. He had also set aside some for other friends. Fortunately, the claimed books were all either from games I don't play, or were books I already had. I ended up leaving with five new D&D 3.5 books to add to my slowly expanding library. He also presented me with a deck of fortune cards, which are made for 4th edition, but many of which can be used in or adapted to D&D 3.5

When I arrived home, fortune continued to smile upon me when I discovered that one of the books I had grabbed on a whim was directly relevant to my current adventure planning tasks! I will certainly make heavy use of the tome while prepping for this weeks' session.

In closing, I would like to offer a big congratulations to my sister on her successful spawning of a human larvae and a big thanks to my friend Ruxbin for his wonderful generosity.


  1. I vote for "Nigel" or "One Louder", if only for the 'obscurity' of it (obvious in context, but how many people will she meet that will get it?)

  2. We can joke about it when she's screaming her little head off. "This baby goes to 11!!!"

  3. I agree, "One louder" has a nice ring to it.

  4. I deny all knowledge of such an event.


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