Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012: He's Not Dead Yet!

Happy New Year, dear readers! I apologize for letting things lapse 'round these parts. Between the crazy schedule of the holidays and a rather vicious bout with the plague, I haven't had the time or the energy to post. But, I am here to assure you that I am not dead yet. In fact, I feel happy! I feel happeeeee!


So, here we are in 2012. I thought I'd kick off the year with a much-belated update on my game-filled (gamey?) 2011 holiday season.

The author and his lovely betrothed (a vision in green)
My betrothed and I are on an unending quest to expand our game cabinet (really more of a shelf), which causes new and exciting games to virtually leap into our arms when shopping for gifts. This year was no exception. I received a copy of Munchkin Axe Cop (which should really be called "Axe Cop Munchkin") from the fiancee, which is a wonderfully odd mix of this amazing web comic and this amusing game.
Axe Cop also holds a special place in this household, because it brings on the lols.

My adopted step-sister's boyfriend got me Lego Creationary, which is a delightful variant of the Pictionary, Cranium game genre.

I also got Fluxx from the Betrothed, which I had heard much about but never played. The funny thing is that because I had heard so much about it... specifically from her... I also got her a copy! What!? Anyway, we decided to keep her copy while I exchanged mine for a Munchkin blender pack from my FLGS.

In addition to actual games, I also received a number of game-related accessories. I got a speedy, shiny new laptop specifically designed for the computer gamings! At 5 years old, it was honestly time for the old lappy to be put out to pasture. It has now been set up in its retirement to operate as a print server. Last, but not least, I got a whole stocking full of little plastic animal figurines. This may sound like an odd gift for someone who is not a four year-old, but for an active GM on a budget, having a selection of random figurines can be an invaluable tool. Especially if your adventuring party decides to raid the lair of the dreaded SLOTH KING!

"Go, my trusty terrapins! Destroy the fastwalkers!"

The point is... I feel very fortunate to have such loving and wonderful people around me who appreciate playing games as much as I do. Hopefully in 2012, I will be able to return the favor by playing many wonderful games with people and writing about those wonderful games I've played.


  1. what a greaaat post love your blog =) follow

  2. We missed you this week for the IWSG posting! Next one is February 1.

  3. Damon,welcome! Glad you enjoy it!

    Alex, ugh... I know, in a lot of ways, this post was due to the very anxieties embodied by IWSG. I fell behind on my posts while I was sick and holidaying, got backed up with ideas and then hit the new year with no idea where to start.


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