Monday, February 27, 2012

Penny Dreadful in 2012 Dollars

Hallo, my readers!

Last week, an old college roomie reached out to me about a web project he's working on called Turnskin. After checking it out for myself, I am excited to recommend it to you, my readers and especially to my writer-readers.

The premise is interesting. A fictional character posts to a blog about a series of bizarre events happening in her life. The tone of the project is really intriguing. It's inspired by old penny-dreadfuls, but set in contemporary Los Angeles. This makes for an eclectic mix of pulpy, noirish first-person voice with contemporary situations. This excerpt from the first post illustrates what I mean.

So far the only person who knows is my buddy Spencer.  He’s not the ideal person for something like this – he has that sweet but clueless vibe that characterizes a lot of guys in their early twenties.  Still, I’ve known him since I was a girl; we’re pretty tight, and I had to tell someone, right? 
The morning after the incident I went to see him at the video store on Pico where he works.  He took a fifteen and we walked down to the 7/11 for a Red Bull.  I hadn’t slept much; the bruises around my eye had darkened to a scary purple-gray and the scabs on my lips and chin had crusted over all gruesome-like.  As we stood around on the street talking about my ordeal, Spencer gaped at them, his eyes all huge and nervous. 
When I finished, he glanced around the street and started chewing on one of his fingernails.  He was trying to think how to respond.  My instincts had been right – Spencer wasn’t ready for something like this, but at least he was visibly resisting his first impulse: to tell me I was friggin’ nuts. 
Anyway, I recommend you check it out, I've been thoroughly entertained by the first fledgling posts. Also, my prediction as to the heart of the matter- wereodile... definitely wereodile.

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