Friday, June 29, 2012

No Time for Love

The fiancee and I are getting ready to entertain her 9 year-old brother for a week. I love the kid, but he can wear a pair of moonlighting grown-ups right out.

Hang on, lady. We go for a ride!
In other news, I have the sinking suspicion that the Minecraft server I played on has been permanently shut down. For the past several weeks, the place has been a complete ghost town and then it stopped working yesterday. Ah well... "back to the old drawing board" as they say.

Finally, I'm working on my first requested book review to be posted on this site. I should have warned the author that I'm a notoriously slow reader, especially when things get hectic. Not to fear... the e-product/book-like substance is in the process of being consumed.

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