Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Pinteresting Development

Bell Tower Peak, by Conway from CGHub

So, I finally caved and started a Pinterest account. I had been holding out on this particular social media experience because, quite frankly, I didn't really see a use for it. I keep in touch with my friends via Facebook, I promote my blog and quick-changing work-related events via Twitter and I keep images to share in all those in Picasa.

Then I decided to take an active role in my wedding planning. I signed up for Pinterest, in part because I had to play a game of "looks like" visual charades around some of my ideas for our cake and invitations.

I then realized that Pinterest might be just the thing for keeping inspirational game images and dungeon maps handy without bogging down my computer with junk I may or may not use. So, if you Pinter? Pint? Pintersect? with others, feel free to check out my Gamespiration board... or my wedding board, for that matter, if that's your...thing.

In related news, I highly recommend you all check out the Id DM's recent post about procrastination. The article contains some general insight on the causes of procrastination. So, while it focuses on the ubiquitous problem as it applies to game prep, there is something in there for the whole family!

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