Monday, August 20, 2012

Kicking the Habit

I've got a habit to feed and the only cure is more tiny plastic goblins! This weekend I finally flicked the little wisdom spouting angel off of my shoulder and gave in to my baser urges and my desire for MOAR MINIS!

I saw Reaper Minis' Kickstarter for their new Bones line and I just couldn't resist! I splurged. I pledged an amount that is about 2 to 3 times my normal mini buying binge amount… but… the value! THE VALYOOOOOOOOOOOOU! At the moment, the cost per mini that I will be receiving is just above $0.50 per item and headed South with every stretch goal they meet.

Mine! All of them!

To put things in comparison, $0.50 will get you a single taste of only the most base and undesirable of used minis on bargain sites like Coolstuff Inc or Troll andToad. The thought of getting buckets of brand new minis at those rates has me palpatatin' and heavy breathin'.

And… AND, we're not talking foulspawn grues, blood scarabs or [other lame monster] here. These minis cover the full spectrum of fantasy bread and butter-goblins, devils, undead, elves, hapless villagers-a veritable who's who of RPG staples! Granted, the minis will come unpainted -meaning I GET TO PAINT THEM-and most wont actually ship until next spring… but still! Soon, my wicked little imagination will come complete with its own legion of minions!

The author, 1 year hence

 There's only 5 days left in case you want to jump in on this action. Somebody stop me before I strike again!

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  1. I love you so much! :) You know what this means? You're going to need to expand and update your mini organizational system! OHH! Can we go to the Container Store?? Pretty please?


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