Monday, October 1, 2012

Costume Business

The fiancee and I do not partake in cosplay, nor do we LARP. However, we are both HUGE fans of Halloween--her moreso than me. Over the years, the Halloween season has consistently been one of those relationship benchmarks which defines the character of our year.

"Hey, which year did we go camping on the coast?"
"Oh, that was the summer before we were Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett... so, 2009"

Halloween is a big deal for us, and if the fiancee hasn't started pestering me for costume ideas by July, we're behind schedule.

This year, we are definitely behind schedule, having just come up with our final plan this weekend. Nevertheless, we have decided to tackle perhaps our most audacious costume project thus far. Our decision came about during a drive to the grocery store and a conversation that went something like this... ahem...

Fiancee: "I think we should look for a more general theme for our costumes this year... like when we were mad scientists. When we pick specific characters, we always end up struggling to match the costumes exactly and have to blow money ordering replica Sweeney Todd razors or something."
Me: "I agree."
Fiancee: "We need to make a costume decision this weekend!"
Me: "Yeah, I know."
F: "Okay, so what do you look for in a Halloween costume? What gets you excited about making a costume?"
M: "I like costumes that involve LEDs."
F: "I want something with a fabulous wig, and maybe an awesome sword." (Reason # a bajillion why I love this woman)
Thoughtful pause
M: "You know, this might be biting off a lot at this point, but... what if... we went as some sort of futuristic warriors, like with tech armor and crazy glowing swords. We could be... galactic centurions."
F: "YES! We're doing this!"

So, we got home and I popped on to Hero Machine to draft a concept for my costume. For those confused by the term, "galactic centurion", this is what I'm thinking.

Galactic Centurion Concept made with HM3

We also discovered that the internet has a wealth of information on building DIY foam armor!

Thus is our project for the month is defined. I will try to keep you posted as things progress, but for the time-being check out our related Pinterest board! I now leave you with this assortment of images from our Halloweens past.

2011: Action-Serial Air Pirates

2010: Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier
2009: Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett

2008: Mad Scientists
2007: Robot Lincoln!
It was images of this costume that first convinced the future fiancee to respond to my emails.


  1. Words cannot express the overwhelming love I have for you :) XOXO! Galactic Centurions! GO!! :D

  2. Y'all f***ing ROCK! The cool points just kept racking up as this post went on. I especially love that you fully conceptualized the costumes with HeroMachine!

  3. Thanks for popping by my little corner of the world!


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