Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Well, it's Halloween and the Fiancee and I threw our annual get together last Saturday. As I mentioned previously, we decided to go as galactic centurions this year. I can say without hesitation that this was my most ambitious costume project to-date. When combined with two busy work schedules and the fact that we didn't get rolling on the build until early October, let's just say it put a bit of a strain on our otherwise happy household. But, we finished the costumes (about an hour before people arrived), had a wonderful party and are now back to our lovely selves making everyone want to barf with our cuteness.

A reminder of the original concept

Anyway, here are some final pics of how the costumes turned out!


Happy Halloween everyone! or at least dry and safe if you're on the east coast.

Oh, and if you haven't seen this unrelated bit of amazing, check it out!

"It's all in the reflexes..."


  1. I love you so much! I love you even more now that the stress of work deadlines (and sadly corresponding Halloween deadlines) are past us :) We should start planning next year's Halloween costumes now so that we're not in a rush next October.

    Also, foam armor is HELLA fun to make!

  2. So so awesome! I was looking forward to the final pics since your original post of the blue foam breatplates. They turned out great. And still bonus points for using Heromachine for conceptualization.


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