Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Mash-ups: Blending of the Bands

Check out the other stuff at SILLOF. Very cool!

Call them mash-ups, cross-overs, or whatever you like (just don't call them a comeback) I love genre bending and borrowing/stealing inspiration from sources otherwise unrelated to my particular ouvre.

This post will hopefully be the first of a series of interactive brainstorms which will work thusly:

  1. I present a theme for the week's mash-up and a couple examples.
  2. You all continue to riff on the theme, coming up with your own ideas and adding them to the comments section.
  3. Profit (by which I mean, the post gets archived for later access).

The idea is to build a collection of readymade characters, locations or other ideas that anyone can access if he/she/it's stuck on a particular project... or if anyone just needs a good laugh.

So, here goes! This week's theme is:

Fantasy characters based on bands and/or musicians


  • Steely Dan
    • A plate-clad mercenary who uses his trade as a way to travel the world looking for his lost love.
  • Gordon Lightfoot
    • Halfling rogue. Earned a nasty reputation for single-handedly sinking a ship carrying valuable ores for the royal armories.
  • Burrell McHammer
    • Dwarven Paladin tasked with guarding a mysterious treasure to which access is strictly forbidden.
  • Björk Guðmundsdóttir
    • Elven druid from the northlands who can shape-shift into a swan.

Okay, your turn! If folks get into this, I'll keep the Monday Mash-ups going with new themes in the weeks to come!


  1. The Blue Oyster Cult - a strange group of fisherfolk who prowl the shorelines of the Stalk Forest, they seek the soft, white underbellies of the rare blue oyster. Many are decorated in wode with shells and bone jewelry.

    1. Okay, that's amazing! Their rituals could involve cowbells. Perhaps they believe the clanking sound will drive out evil spirits that they believe are the cause of fevers and other maladies.

    2. They fear the Spectres revealed to them by their astronomer Imaginos, as he descended from Four Winds Spot ... (and I could go on :) )

  2. Oh, I forgot one that I thought up yesterday!
    Foghat, the gnomish druid who has a dire tortoise animal companion that he rides around on. When the tortoise gets stressed, it tends to retreat into its shell, prompting Foghat to often urge it to "Take it easy."

    1. Of course, the tortoise's name is Lonesome Dave.

  3. Stone Temple Pilots: Wizards that live in a minaret and ride flying carpets.

    Soundgarden: druids who study astrology and meteorology and pray for a black hole sun to come and wash away the rain.

    1. Perhaps the members of the Soundgarden conduct their rituals in the Temple of the Dog?

    2. Ya know what, I think they do in fact


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