Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Kindness of Gamers

I gotta say, gamers are some of the nicest dang people you ever could meet... or at least some of the gamers I've met fit that bill. The good-naturedness has just hit critical mass around these parts and I feel compelled to offer up several well-earned shout outs.

First, to Realmwright who recently made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside by taking an interest in some of my digital map work. Be sure to check out his blog and see where he takes the map he selected!

Second, I'd like to thank my buddies, Ruxbin and Tendrilsfor20 for their generous gaming natures. Not only, do they let me bounce ideas off of them, but frequently they bring gifts for exchange and or unsolicited giving. So, thank you for the sourcebooks, piles of Dungeon magazines and other contributions to my nerdly well-being.

Finally, there is this. Be forewarned, it's a doozy.

So, last week, the Fiancee arrived at work to find a shopping bag of gaming minis on her desk. Apparently, one of her coworkers had a daughter who was into, but had fallen out of an affection for collecting and playing with said minis. Coworker said that the shopping bag was just a few of them and that if we were willing to take the rest off his hands, we could have them.

Umm... yes!

Well, I arrived home from work today to find that "the balance" had arrived. By Odin's beard, take a look at this craziness!

Coffee table... covered

The stack of books in the foreground is part of the supplemental material that  came with the minis.
I am so blown away. This just about makes up for the time I lost most of my Legos by combining them with a friend's before heading off to college, and for my Mom throwing out my Star Wars figurines when I got "too old". I can only hope to pay forward this kindness to others.

Thank you.

P.S. Note to my players... Let the above images serve as a warning. Muahahaha!


  1. That is just a stonking amount of kindness! In keeping with that fine good natured spirit of sharing, I would like to offer you, and all your readers something from my good self too. Just head on over, write a brief comment, and I will hand craft you a personal NPC of your choice. Offer of one per comment!

  2. Shorty, "stonking" is an apt adjective. Free NPC's at shorty's house!?

    Hugs and high fives all around!


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