Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Mash-ups 2: Super Smash!

Even though only a couple folks chimed in on last week's first Monday Mash-up, the conversation in the comments produced some great ideas for characters that left my brain buzzing all week. Therefore, I'mma do it all over again now!

This week's mash-up theme is super heroes and, more specifically, their alter egos:

I love alternate universe and spin-off comic plot lines, and one of my favorites is the Marvel 1602 mini-series.

If you aren't familiar with it, the series places several well known Marvel comic book characters in the world of the late Elizabethan period. Sir Nicholas Fury is the Queen's intelligencer, Carlos Javier is a monk running a school for gifted youth... you get the picture.

I also had the privilege of playing in a Song of Ice and Fire campaign that included NPCs based on super hero alter egos. I recall burining down a bandit camp run by Oliver Queen. Anyway, here is my example to get you all started:

Ayric Lensherr
Sorcerer (Electromancer) Level 10.
Ayric's comes from a racial minority group, who have periodically been subjected to pogroms undertaken by the despotic ruling families of the realms. After witnessing his parents' deaths during one such purging and upon discovering his unique sensitivity to magic, Ayric became determined to use his strength against all who would seek to oppress or control him. Now, faced with a new threat by those seeking to purge the influence and control of magic users from the land, Ayric has hatched a plan to turn the tables and exert his powers over his enemies.

Spell list
I envision skinning all of these spells as some sort of manipulation of either metal or electro-magnetic energy.
L0: Resistance, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Touch of Fatigue, Open/Close, Arcane Mark
L1: Tensers Floating Disk, Shocking Grasp, Feather Fall, Shield, Hold Portal
L2: Resist Energy (electricity), Glitterdust, Shatter, Knock
L3: Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Fly
L4: Globe of Invulnerability (lesser), Rainbow Pattern
L5: Telekenesis

Okay, now it's your turn! No need to be as detailed as mine, but go!

Oh, and feel free to add to last week's post as well if the fancy strikes you.


  1. Sir James Howlett grew up a troubled, angry young man after his volunteer work in the military left him horribly disfigured and suffering from amnesia. His rage has led the clergy and townsfolk to believe he suffers from demonic possession. This shunning by the local populace forced him to live a solitary life in the wilderness with only wolves and other vile hell-hounds for company. The esteemed Carlos Javier may just be the saving grace this wild woodsman needs to quiet his nightmarish mind.

    1. I feel like this character would work really well as a barbarian/druid mix perhaps... or maybe a barbarian with lycanthropy.


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