Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Gamey Christmas

The holiday rush has ended and we now move into the great decompression and what is known in gaming parlance as inventorying of the loots.

The fiancee and I, nerds as we are, love to give and receive games as gifts. This Christmas was certainly no exception. Here is a list of our games given and received.

Games Given:

I gave a copy of this very fun-looking game to my brother-in-law. Though I haven't had a chance to play it, this episode of Tabletop brought it to my attention.

Lego Lord of theRings for XBox- The Fiancee is an even bigger LOTR fan than she is a Lego fan, so this gift was a must-give. We started playing it last night, and so far, I find it to be okay, but less compelling than the other Lego [movie property] games. The characters speak in a mix of dialogue from the movies and poorly substituted fresh dialogue. I much prefer the Lego-speak gibberish used in the other games. Also, we have put a solid hour into the game and have yet to build anything. The characters smash a whole lot of bricks, but there haven't been any of the fun little hopping brick build scenes. I really hope these show up later on.

Minecraft T-shirt 

Okay, it's not a game itself, but my nephew is really into Minecraft, so I thought this t-shirt was a fitting accessory

Games Received:

(The fiancee went above and beyond here)

I have not had a chance to play this myself, but the Wheaton-Day YouTube joint, TableTop has an excellent playthrough of the standard edition of Gloom. They need to make a Monkey Island edition just so they can have a pirate wearing a button that says, "Ask me about Gloom" (obscure reference!)

A second Lovecraftian Christmas gift! Haven't had a chance to play this one either, though I am a big fan of the Penny Arcade comics, and the Fiancee is a big fan of the various Penny Arcade web series, so I'm also looking forward to this one. Besides, it's made by the same folks who did Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mount Skullzfyre. How can it not be amazing!?

PS3 with Uncharted 3

This was my big gift from the Fiancee. I have been tap-dancing around the notion of buying a PS3 for the last couple years having been quite content with my hand-me-down Xbox 360. There are honestly only two Playstation-exclusive titles that I know of that have piqued my interest. The Uncharted series is topmost among these, given my suckerhood for all things action-serial. In all honesty, the main reason I wanted one was because it could act as a decent Blu-ray player, which I still did not have. Also, it is MUCH quieter than my turboprop-driven Xbox.

Dixit expansion pack

Dixit is one of our favorite party games, but we were starting to become a bit familiar with all the cards. It was only natural to want to pick up the equally gorgeous and surreal expansion pack.

I hope all of your holidays were equally as joyous... and also perhaps full of phat lootz. Come over, we'll play games!

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