Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Creative Doldrums

Being December 2012's post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group

I have been one of those ubiquitous creative funks of late. It's not exactly a block because I know what I need to do to move forward. It's just that none of the creative projects I have sitting around appeal to me. I have several blog topics jotted in my notebook, partially painted minis on my desk, partially written adventures for the next step in my D&D game, and even a really engaging book that I've been picking my way through at a snail's pace. I feel a bit like the despondent child with too many toys, surrounded by fun, but having none of it. Waaaah!

That's not to say that I haven't been doing anything creative. I have occasionally been dabbling here and there. I recently watched a bunch of instructional videos on OneNote and have been using my knew knowledge to reorganize my D&D notes into a more functional system.*  Like everything else, however, my reorganization remains unfinished. To make matters worse, I only feel the faintest spark of inspiration when I'm at work and can't devote time to this stuff.  I have created this handy graphic, which illustrates my current creative process quite nicely.

What do you do to break out of the creative blahs?

*I may even upload a blank copy of my notebook structure, or at least a couple pages in case any of you are OneNote GMs too.


  1. I change my habits. For instance, I rarely watch TV save there is something exceptionally good on that is educational. I do watch movies at the theater for entertainment, but I set priorities and stick with them without stressing out over them. Inspiration comes and goes, however, it is imperative for me that I seize the opportunities when they present themselves and act on them.

  2. Oh so familiar. Sorry dude. I can suggest two things: 1) a blood sacrifice to the muses/gods 2) watch an interesting documentary on the old Netflix. That always gets my juices flowing.
    You might also try heading to a library. Take an empty backpack in case you decide to get a lot, or just take a notebook and browse several topics and jot thoughts about them.


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