Friday, February 1, 2013

Explaining D&D

I have a legitimate post planned for later today, but I just stumbled across this wonderful tool for explaining D&D to those who don't understand it... as long as those people aren't offended by naughty words.

Click Here for explanation of D&D with naughty words.

Tip o' the hat to the Obsidian Portal Facebook page for succeeding on their spot check first.

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  1. That about covers it :) I've played D&D 4E all of twice with some buds from work....and now I'm making my own homebrew called Realmwalkers (I think the map might seem a bit familiar to you).

    I have tried to explain/relate D&D to other work activities and another friend said "Damn it, not EVERYTHING relates to D&D!" My response was double edged, like a longsword. A) Um...yeah it does! B) Shut up, stupid girl


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