Monday, February 18, 2013

Make-it Monday: Facing Disappointment

Any creative person fails to live up to his or her standards from time to time. This week's Make it Monday project was one of those times for me. I decided to use my holiday today to paint a mini. As per my usual process, I started with the minis face. It turned out fugly... so I re-did it... fugly again. I re-did it a couple more times with little improvement until I got frustrated and decided to move on to the rest of the figure. I spent several hours painting a decent looking figurine, before returning once again to the face. I just, for the life of my could not make this one look like anything other than a cakey mess.

So, for this week's Make-it Monday, I give you, Butterface the elf.

I eventually had to call off any further attempts at improvement, because nothing was working. Of course, this leaves me feeling restless, rather than relaxed. How do you deal with your own creative failures?

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  1. As they come I deal with them for the necessity of improvement through practice.


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