Monday, February 4, 2013

Make-it Monday: Map, Lastholt Mines

Significant locations around the Lastholt mines

We were back at the gaming table last week, and my players were running through another interrogation encounter. They like to take prisoners, so what can ya' do? This time, it was a hobgoblin slaver and they were trying to extract information about the mining operation that was taking place in the caves beneath the ruins of Lastholt.

Well, when the cleric and monk's usual good cop/bad cop routine started to backfire*, the sorcerer decided to use her wand of charm person on him. Well, that turned things right around, and the party convinced the prisoner (and by proxy, the GM) to draw them a map of the mining operation.

Well, here it is, complete with captions written in goblinoid! For those players, or blog readers wishing to earn some bonus XP, you can attempt to decode the script on the map. All of the words are written in English, just in a runic-looking font that I found. Decipher script check... go!

*pro-tip: a slaver who makes his living intimidating others knows the game and doesn't react to intimidation as expected.


  1. Goblinoid, eh? Looks like Angerthas to me ;)

  2. Well, I guess you'll have no problem figuring it out then?


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