Monday, February 25, 2013

Make-it Monday: Minis and Papercraft!

This week's Make-it Monday brings you a two-fer: a mini and a papercraft structure! After last week's disappointing mini painting experience, which produced Butterface the elf, I decided to immediately dive back in with another painting project in hopes of redeeming my sense of painterly self worth. I painted up an orc sorceress figure that I had previously been hesitant to tackle due to the complex detail in the sculpt. I gotta say, I feel really good about how she turned out, and I think the model had a lot to do with it. I feel like, this particular model had a lot of really well-defined detail that was lacking on ol' Butterface. As a result, the paint just seemed to know where to go.

I thought the one blue eye, one stark white eye was a nice touch.

Now, I actually finished that paint job on the same night as Butterface, so in order to actually make something this past week, as per my goal, I decided to actually finish a whole papercraft project for once! See, I have a horrible habit of starting papercraft models but never finishing a whole set. This time, I took one of my smaller sets--a ruined inn--and built the whole structure. I also worked on some furninshings for it and then dropped the orc witch in for good measure.

cozy, isn't it?
I am getting excited for my Bones minis to arrive later next month, and I really want to get in some more practice before they do. I'm going to need to get some new paint, however, because I've discovered that the cheap hobby stuff I've been using doesn't hold to the minis particularly well.


  1. I recall having patience for creating like this once... I applaud your attention to detail. Also, I wanted to pass along that I have given you the Liebster Award:

  2. I've started using the papers minis from Piazo and those have worked well for me. My gaming group just started Skull and Shackles and one of the guys printed out and made a paper pirate ship for us that is phenomenal! I really like the look of the paper sets. It adds interest and depth to the gaming table!

    1. I love me some cheap DM crafts and occasionally post my builds. If you like paper minis, you need to make yourself some deathpogs! I also highly recommend you check out They make my favorite papercraft sets, including the ruined house in this post.

  3. I love the irony that a majestic elf turned out to be a butterface and an orc sorceress is the good looking one of the two :)

    You just gave me a great idea for a post about (mostly) FREE paper minis. I'll have to get that on the schedule for next week.


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