Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Scanner! Old Drawings Made New

Got home today to find a shiny new scanner waiting for me! I got it set up and pulled out one of my old sketchbooks to test it out. Here is a sampling of some of my rough uploads. I just rotated and cropped these, but plan to tweak their lighting curves in Photoshop at a later date. These are all from a sketchbook I kept back in 1999.

Having confirmed that the new scanner works, I am all set to start mapping for April A to Z!


  1. Yay for more maps!! So this new scanner...was is something you bought for yourself and it arrived in the mail? Or was it a surprise from the pegacorn like the desk o' minis?

    1. This was something we bought together and counted as a wedding expense, because of course we are going to use it to scan photos for a slideshow... that's... what it's for. *cough* mapuploading! *cough*


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