Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kobold Warren

Kobolds are one of my absolute favorite D&D beasties, and I have posted about them before. I love the idea of little hordes of devious beasties setting traps and laying in ambush waiting to take down bigger, stronger prey.

This map shows part of a kobold warren I ran my players through some time back. I also included a copy of the full map I did for them at the time. Can't remember which software I used. I would have hand-drawn the whole thing, but I am trying to limit myself to a single sheet of graph paper for each map in this exercise. My vision of a kobold warren involves lots of twisting halls with arrow slits to shoot through, secret doors with narrow bolt holes where the kobolds can use their small size to their advantage.

Here is the original full map I made:

get a printable copy of the hand-drawn excerpt here.


  1. You are so clever with your plans. Thanks

  2. Thank you for making it so we can print these. Very generous of you considering the work you must've put in them.

  3. I love D&D! We have family games. My character is very brave, but not too bright. She gets electrocuted more often than you would think possible in this world.


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