Monday, May 13, 2013

Make-it Monday: Adventure Log

This week's Make-it Monday project wasn't so much making something new as greatly reorganizing something my players have had for a while. The Fiancee and I spent the weekend down in Portland celebrating a friend's graduation from college. We both wound up completely exhausted, and I just didn't have the energy to finish my initial Make-it plan... so, I went with a less-rigorous plan-B.

Months, even years ago, I provided my players with a binder, called the Adventure Log, which they could use to take notes, store handouts, and generally track anything they did not want to forget about the game. It is the players' counterpart to the GM's notes. Well, the binder grew to include some handouts stuffed haphazardly inside, along with a quad-ruled tablet of hand-sketched maps, another legal pad tracking their loots and the stuff in their bag of holding, and various random scraps of paper crammed into the front and back pockets. Everytime you picked the thing up, something would fall out.

I decided it was long past time to tidy up the players' Adventure Log. So, I added labeled dividers with sections for the details on their base of operations, storing provided and self-drawn maps, handouts, and for tracking stuff in the bag of holding. I got rid of the separate notepads and slipped blank, loose-leaf paper into the binder to replace them. I even added a pouch at the front that holds cards with descriptions of the group's favorite buffs and persistent area-of-effect spells.


  1. Might have guest, my son is in to this as well.

  2. What is the pipe cleaner for? To make out area of effects from spells? If so, very cool idea!

    1. Yes! The pipe cleaners are my homemade AoE templates as detailed in a previous Make-it Monday post here.


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