Monday, June 24, 2013

Make-it Monday: Dwarf Mini and Unrelated Frustrations

Dear reader, hopefully you can actually see this as I just discovered that my payment information for this domain had expired and when this here blog came up for renewal at the beginning of the month, all kinds of issues started happening. Of course, Google never sent me a notice that my payment didn't go through. I was left to discover the problem when I typed my domain into the ol' web browser only to have it come up with an expiration error page!

Now, I don't know if you've ever had to deal with Google's ridiculous excuse for customer service, but the Fiancee and I spent several hours wandering through their entirely useless knowledge-base, logging into and out of my account dashboard and trying to figure out why it didn't display any of the features mentioned in the how-to update your payment info articles.

Well, after several hours, we finally figured out that the dashboard we were looking at (and which was included in the "hey, it's time to renew email) was my regular Google dashboard, and not my Google Apps Dashboard. Once we actually managed to find our way to the Google Apps admin panel, I got the payment info updated, and the domain should be fully functional again soon. Not sure why I'm still able to post, or if anyone can see it, but I'm gonna keep up with my stuff dang it!

So, that was a fun evening.

Now onto the good stuff.

I painted up a dwarven mini-figure that I've had since I was a kid. He was part of the special pewter minis that came with the Dragon Quest board game that served as a sort of gateway to D&D. He's old enough to be part of the slightly smaller vintage of minis common during the early days of the game. Contemporary minis are just a little bit bigger and tend to have better defined details. I liked the challenge of painting extra small for this guy, and think he turned out rather well. My painting hand is starting to feel warmed up for the incoming flood. I might go in and clean up his axe handle a bit. I used a ruddy brown wash to shade the handle, and the result is just a bit too ruddy for my taste. Oh, and he still has a bit of blue putty stuck to his base.


  1. I remember that mini from DragonQuest. The game itself was kinda "blah" as I recall--watered down D&D that was way too watered down. I did like getting 8 or so minis from the game, though.

    The paint job looks good.

  2. Looks good Geof and I like the backdrop too.


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