Monday, June 3, 2013

Make-it Monday: OneNote Organization and 1st Vlog!

Howdy all, for this week's Make-it Monday, I thought I would give you all a sneak peek into my D&D campaign OneNote, and specifically, into how I have been reorganizing it according to Johnn Four's buckets of sanity method.

Don't mess with a guy's bukkits of sanity!
Oh, and to help it make sense, I made my first ever vlog! What!? You can see me and hear me talk! Also, yes, I know I pronounce it vee-log... trolololol!

Let me know if you like the video, and I will consider incorporating more stuff like this into my regular blog. I certainly wont use video for everything, but it's certainly handy when trying to demonstrate how something is made or done... like with movement and stuff.

After uploading the video to YouTube, I experienced something I don't feel that often, complete and utter dread. I was fine when making the video. I got a little nervous while trying to edit it, but once it was posted, my brain started screaming at me, "WHAT IN THE NINE HELLS ARE YOU DOING, GEOFF!?" and it kept shouting that all night. I woke up around 3:30 this morning, and gave up trying to get back to sleep a little after 5.

It's seems weird that this project is having such an effect on me. I'm not normally this self conscious about putting my self out there. I've done a lot of stage acting in my life, heck, my undergraduate degree is in theater! I regularly go to karaoke. Heck, I've even been on television and radio for work... multiple times! Some of it live! For some reason, none of those things were as scary as this.

Perhaps, it's because this video was entirely my own idea. Perhaps it is because I am dipping my first toe into a creative medium (web video) that I have been admiring for the past several years, but only now got up the courage to ask out. Perhaps it is the rumors of trolls lurking in the untamed jungle of the internet that have me glancing over my shoulder, thinking, "I should go back."

I think it is all of the above, plus the mutterings of my own inner critic, who is grumpy that I am not a master of the medium right out of the gate. I am a n00b, when it comes to web videos. I utterly flail about when it comes to lighting, editing and structure. I need to acknowledge that, and be okay with it for now. This experience really deepens my respect for the people who willingly put themselves out there in this way.


So, like all good nerds everywhere, the Fiancee and I have been watching Game of Thrones. While we have both read the books, the couple that we watch with every week have not. I have to say that watching their reaction at the end of this week's episode was worth all the jackassery that George R.R. Martin has put me through thus far. Now finish the damn series, George!

During last night's episode:
Game of Thrones viewers on the outside,
someone who has read the books, center.
I'm running a character-building session for Spirit of the Century tonight. Keep an eye out for updates on that new and exciting campaign later this week!

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  1. I'm getting an error on the video at the moment (probably just my connection), so I'll try again later.

    And, um, Martin is never going to finish those books. They're going to be end up just like Wheel of Time.


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