Monday, June 10, 2013

Make-it Monday: ROFL Initiative on Google+ and YouTube!

Howdy everyone! I am pleased to announce that I am attempting to expand ROFL Initiative to other venues around the web! Over the weekend, I rebranded my personal YouTube channel and activated a ROFL Initiative page on Google+. So, if you use either of those services, I would sure appreciate it if you subscribed.

Click to go to YouTube

How I see this all working:

I expect that there will be a lot of cross pollination between the blog and these other services. I have directly linked this site to the G+ page. However, I plan to differentiate the content a little bit from what appears here. My YouTube channel currently hosts a number of playlists intended for use as soundtracks in a fantasy roleplaying game. In fact, I set them up to use in my own game, but now you too can have a listen! I have also started my first baby-steps into the world of video recording. The first was the OneNote walkthrough I posted here recently, and then I went and added my very first Minecraft let's play! Rather than bogging down this blog with video content, I thought I would let most of it live over on the YouTubes.

The G+ page will carry all of my blog posts, as well as random stuff that strikes my fancy throughout the week. I'll share links to other gaming articles, inspirational pictures and other stuff that would feel too spammy in a blog format.

Hopefully this will all lead to new and greater awesomeness all in the name of spreading the nerdly love!

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