Monday, July 15, 2013

Make-it Monday: Bachelor Party, the RPG

Well, wedding week is here, and things are about to get cray-cray (to use the technical term). For this week's Make-it Monday, I am going to break with my standard format of posting about something that I made in order to post about something amazing that my best man made.

Are you not entertained!?
The BacheLOR at the Rat City bout

This past weekend was my bachelor party, and my best man concocted a scheme to turn the whole day into a giant RPG of sorts. I was issued a plastic breastplate and a novelty giant D20 and told that my character class was the BacheLOR. My class granted me certain powers, like the ability to summon fried snacks or tasty beverages. I could also bestow temporary tattoos on others. In order to do these things, I had to roll the D20. If I rolled poorly, there were consequences.

My friends at the party also had classes, and some even had costumes. There were rogues who could help me cheat at the rules, or issue "disguises", tanks who I could enlist to take on excess drinks or to smack poorly rolled dice, wizards equipped with potions, and paladins who helped ensure that everyone stayed safe and happy.

The day started with six hours of gaming, drinking and snacks at Café Mox. It then proceeded to "sexy lady time" which really meant watching a Rat City Rollergirls bout from the VIP section, because, let's be honest, Rollergirls are far superior to the more tawdry forms of "sexy lady" entertainment. The Rat City All-stars kicked the crap out of Baltimore, and our group garnered a bit of attention from the emcee. After the roller derby, we closed out the night with more drinking at a pub near my house. I ended up stumbling up the front walk of my house around midnight, covered in temp tattoos, wearing a plastic breastplate and monster hat with a pair of balloons tied around one wrist (mostly the result of poor rolls). I can't imagine what my neighbor who was out for a smoke thought of the sight.

My best man has agreed to let me post the rules for the bachelor party RPG here, but he wants to  do a couple things to secure his rights as the creator first. I'll update this post with the details as soon as he sends them. UPDATED BELOW!

In other news, if you are in the Seattle area, I will be giving a talk tonight at Lucid Lounge as part of Nerd Nite Seattle. The talk is about space, not gaming, but it should be cool. Come check it out!


You can check out the full rules for the Bachelor Party RPG here. All rules documents are the original creation of Douglas Willott. If anyone else is interested in having a custom-built party adventure made for them, Doug is eager to help. You can email him at He can do any kind of event that begs for adventure, not just bachelor parties.


  1. I'm so glad your Bachelor party was amazing!!!! This was such a creative idea from Mr. Best Man. He knows you so well! :)

  2. So THAT'S how you arrived home covered in temporary tattoos! Hilarious!

  3. This is genius! I smell a Kickstarter waiting in the wings. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials. Blessings of Mara upon thee. May your dice always crit.

  4. Wow! Really its nice Party. I liked your way of describing about your fabulous experience of a bachelor party. I also had gone to Alberta with my friends in edmonton bachelor party which is the best entertaining time of my life.


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