Friday, August 2, 2013

Inventory Management

Nodwick by Aaron Williams

If you play tabletop RPGs or any videogame that involves the collection of stuff with limited space and/or weight capacity, you are no doubt familiar with inventory management. That is the time, often when you have either reached your storage limit, or when you have just reached a major accomplishment, when you go through your inventory organizing all your stuff, keeping what you need and selling or discarding what you don't.

Well, the Wife and I have entered into a real life phase of inventory management post-wedding. Think of the wedding as an end boss that we have just kicked the crap out of. We have some gear that we picked up specifically to help defeat it, but did not use (leftover booze, tableware, etc.) We also have received some phat lootz (wedding presents) for defeating Wedding. Finally, we have all of the disorganization caused in our lives as we rushed headlong into battle marriage, which we neglected in the chaos, but which now stare us in the face every time we get home from work. It's time to get all this nonsense organized!

After our honeymoon spent in rather austere surroundings, the Wife, and to a slightly lesser extent, myself, got the bug to put things in order and trim the fat from our lives. We are planning out ways to declutter our house, prioritizing those things that are important to us (like games) while culling those that are no longer useful (posters from college). Some of the culled items will go into storage, others will get donated to Goodwill, some will go into the trash.

Hopefully we are actually able to stick with this inventory management plan, as I know we both feel more relaxed when we are in a relatively clean home. Unfortunately, if videogames have taught me anything, an organized inventory only lasts so long before you find yourself carrying around 275 pounds of brooms.

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