Monday, August 26, 2013

Make-it Monday: Player Survey

Here we go again on our owwwwn! *bwahm bwahm* Goin' down the only road I've ever knowwwwn!

Tonight is the first meeting of my D&D group ahead of the new campaign. While the evening is going to be taken up with character creation/leveling and general discussion about the road forward, I hope to be back to the actual dice rolling sometime after Labor Day.

Do you like George Wendt?
I also hope to approach this next campaign in a more systematic way than I began the last one. Several years of play have helped fill my DM toolkit, and I look forward to running a more focused and coherent adventure with a little less... sprawl. As part of that, I want to make sure this upcoming campaign gives my players plenty of what they crave (like electrolytes). In order to facilitate that sweet, smooth satisfaction, I whipped up a pre-campaign survey for this week's Make-it project.

The survey is just two pages to assess each player's preferences when it comes to play style, and things they look for in a game. Player surveys are nothing new to the world of tabletop RPGs. The version I created for my specific group, however is slightly different from many of the examples I found because my players have already been rolling around in my world for years. As such, I wrote some of the questions specifically to focus on the transition, rather than starting from scratch.

However! If you are interested in using a player survey for your game, I also created a more generic version that you can either download and/or borrow from to make your own players fill out a bunch of paperwork for your own personal amusement.

Get the survey here.


  1. Good idea, good song, great Animaniacs reference.

    If you don't add a question about George Wendt and beans, so help me I'll do it for you!

    And I'm totally yoinking this for my CarpeDM blog :)

    1. It's crazy, because I absorbed so many ideas for best-practice DM stuff while I was in the middle of my last campaign that I haven't had a chance to implement, because they deal with planning and campaign creation BEFORE play begins.


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