Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bones Kickstarter II: Even Bonier

Well, the folks at Reaper have done it again. They just launched the sequel to their very successful Bones Minis Kickstarter with another KS project offering another massive batch of minis. The project launched yesterday, and by the evening was already pushing $1 million raised of a $30,000 goal!

Of course, I was weak and broke my self-imposed KS hiatus. The first batch was so awesome, despite being a major exercise in delayed gratification! I suspect that after this round I'll have enough minis to keep me occupied for a decade.

But... The value! THE VALLYOOOO! After just one day, the unlocked stretch goals mean a $100 pledge gets you a cost-per- mini value below $0.75. If you like painting minis, or have ever thought about starting, I highly doubt you will find more bang for your buck anywhere.

I swear, these Kickstarters are probably just a ploy to sell more paint. ;)


  1. I wasn't going to - I have a backlog of unpainted figures (and those I want to repaint, and those on outstanding Kickstarters) as long as my arm. I only play once a month if I'm lucky - but as you say look at the value!

    1. I know, right!? It's a totally impractical urge. I'm already dreading Bones III.


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