Monday, October 7, 2013

Make-it Monday: Halloween Costume 2013, pt. 3, Hoof Design

I made some good progress on the Halloween costume this weekend. While I have still not yet begun assembly, the Wife and I did manage to pick up most of the remaining ingredients for our outfits. I also took some time to sketch out my plan for turning my feet into hooves. 

I plan to use some of the sculptural mesh the Wife got to build her collar to form a sort of boot topper that will blunt my feet into large hoof shapes. We picked up some fake fur at the fabric store, which will make a nice border to mask the edge of the hoof where it meets my leggings.

In addition to the fur, I also picked up some fabric for my cloak, some craft leather strips to wrap my leggings; some rhinestones, which I plan to use for eyes in my coyote head; and several packs of sculpting clay, which I will use to make lightweight antlers.

So, I am just about done purchasing for the costume. Unless I am forgetting something, I think I only need to get a tunic, and a wig before I have all the raw bits.

In other make-it news, I also got together with my dad this weekend to discuss my mini display case project, which had stalled out a bit over the past month. After hanging out in his wood shop for a bit, we managed to work out some clear next steps. This week I hope to knock out a diagram to calculate the total board-feet I will need to purchase in the wood of my choice.

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  1. That's a great idea for the hoof. Especially the fur to disguise/blend it together. What I might suggest in the way of a heel strap is some thick elastic so it keeps the hoof snugged to your foot.


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