Monday, October 14, 2013

Make-it Monday: Halloween Costume 2013, pt. 4, Assembly Begins

The cat's costume is all ready to go!
She is ready to think outside the poop box.
The Wife and I shifted into Halloween high gear this weekend. With just two weeks left until our party, we needed to get a move on. We finished the rest of our costume purchases and started the assembly process for my costume.

We started with my costume, because the first steps for both costumes involve sewing, which I suck at. So, rather than have me sit around unable to do anything while the Wife knocks out her costume, we started with mine so that once the sewing was done, I could run with it, freeing the Wife to tackle her stuff. Here's how this weekend's activities shook out.
First, just as a reminder, this is the original plan for my outfit. 
Forest King concept
The wife started by sewing the main part of my cloak while I painted my crown and primed hers (she wants hers darker). I then set about making foresty looking pauldrons for my cloak's shoulders.

Step 1, attach a leaft garland down the shoulder
Step 2 Snip the end to an acceptable length
Step 3 Layer the clipped ends back on top using safety pins and floral wire.
(Wedding leftovers FTW!)
Here's a profile shot. Majestic, no?
While I worked on the leaves, the Wife got started sculpting my hooves.

Wear gloves when working with sculptural mesh... it's pokey!
Fold the mesh over the toe of the boot and tape it down
The mesh will be cut off the bottom or covered to prevent floor scratches
Bend and tape the mesh as necessary until you get the shape you want
The next step will be to paper mache or sculptey over it.
I also did a bunch of work with the pelts that will make up my other pauldron. I attached everything with safety pins, which should be good enough for costume purposes. After several hours work, the cloak was substantially finished and ready to try on with some of the other costume elements.

I also added a couple of red rhinestones to act as the coyote's eyes

So my costume is looking pretty good at this point. Even without the hooves and head piece, I have "a" costume, but I'm not gonna change the original plan. Stay tuned for the next installment of Halloween Costume 2013!


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    1. These pictures strategically crop the state of our futon during this whole project.


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