Monday, October 21, 2013

Make-it Monday: Halloween pt. 5, Hooves, Collars, Antlers and Crowns

The wife's raven queen contacts came in!

Lots of crazy, crafty stuff has been happening around the Sporkchop household this week, especially on the Halloween front. I put up a bunch of our Halloween decorations before leaving on my business trip, so the place is starting to look quite festive.

The wife and I also made quite a bit of progress on our costumes! I got rolling on covering my newly formed hooves and painting each of our crowns while the wife worked on her collar piece and my antlers.

Here's what we got done...


I got the first layer of paper mache on the hooves. I had an old pad of yellowed drafting paper that made a great substitute for newspaper. Once the base layer dries, I'll need to add several more coats to stiffen the hooves before painting.

A hoof ready for covering!
The end result after a layer of paper mache.


I painted over the gold coloring on the crowns to match the themes of our respective costumes. I hit mine with a coat of gunmetal metallic paint, and then highlighted the leaves and scroll work with bronze. For the wife's dark crown, I first primed it gray, and then mixed some gunmetal with black to get a dark gray with a sheen to it.

One of the crowns before any modification
The two crowns fully painted.

This angle shows the shine on the wife's crown a bit better


The Wife started covering the mesh frame of her collar with a layer of black craft foam. This will, in turn, be covered with a layer of black feathers.

View from the back

View from the front with some more foam required on top


The Wife assembled the basic structure for my antlers/wig piece. The antlers are attached to a mesh headpiece form using hot glue. The core of the antlers consists of pipe cleaners twisted together, with the ends split apart to form the branches of the antlers. These are then covered in Crayola Model Magic and pushed up through slits in my wig. The wig is a Thorin Oakenshield costume we picked up at our local Halloween costume place.

The antler roots attached to the wig form.

Slid up through the wig before adding branches

The pipe cleaner cores ready for covering.
Note the plastic bag to keep sculpting clay off the hair

The finished antlers ready for painting!
We have now exhausted our last full weekend before our Halloween party, so our evenings this week will likely be a non-stop scramble to finish up our outfits. If I can get a couple more layers of paper mache on the hooves by Wednesday, I should be able to paint the hooves and antlers by Thursday and do final leg piece assembly on Friday. Cutting it close as usual, but I think we're in pretty good shape.

We have a bunch more photos up on my G+ page. You can check out the full album here.

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