Friday, December 6, 2013

A Very Lego Christmas: Week 1

This year, I once again received a Lego advent calendar for my birthday. Last year, I got Lego Star Wars. This year was Lego City. Upon opening the first little bin in the calendar, I noticed something amusing. December 1 contained a mini-figure of a police officer in tactical gear, holding a mug. However, there wasn't just one mug in the set. There were two… and two hats as well.

At some point in the years since I was a child, Lego has wised up to the fact that small pieces are easily lost. So they now include an extra or two among the smallest pieces in any set. With most normal sets, this isn't particularly odd, but when dealing with the VERY limited number of pieces in an advent set, it can produce some amusing results.

I found myself faced with the spectacle of one cop, two cups… Thus, double-fisting cop was born! There is a gaming adage that "no adventure plot survives first contact with the players", which was adapted from a military saying that "no battle plan survives contact with the enemy." Well, I am here to declare that no Lego set survives first contact with the imagination.

I snapped a picture of my newly invented character of the double-fisting cop, and as the days progressed, and new sets were built, I added to his story with amusing (to me at least) results. I plan to keep this up throughout the holiday season, and will share the unfolding tales here.

So now, I give you week 1 of A Very Lego Christmas.

December 1: Meet Double-fisting Cop. He's too drunk to pick up his hat.
December 2: The cop has a cozy fireplace and has switched to more exotic beverages.
December 3: When drunk, the cop thinks it's amusing to feed human femurs to his dog.
December 4: Stepping outside for some air, the cop is accosted by a snowman
who attempts to mug him with a veggie club.
December 5: The standoff escalates as the cop and snowman go for a nearby weapons cache.
December 6: Little does the cop know that the snowman is merely there to distract him
 from the robber who is stealing his hats, scarves and holiday booze.
I plan to post weekly updates of A Very Lego Christmas as the story continues to grow and warp into an absurd tale of holiday shenanigans.

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