Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Very Lego Christmas: Week 2

And now for the continuing adventures of A Very Lego Christmas, my interpretation of the story contained within the 2014 Lego Advent Calendar. You can also check out Week 1 here.

December 7 (a date, which will live in infamy): The cop tells his dog to turn in his badge and bone for failing to protect the house from the scarf and hat burglar.
December 8: The cop proceeds to drink and gorge himself in grief over his stolen accessories, and guilt at having fired his dog. The dog does the same.
December 9: Eventually, he passes out face down on a bench. (Seriously, the Lego set for December 9 was A BENCH! Talk about creative potential!)
December 10: While he slept, the cop dreamed of a firefighter who brought him wieners in her vice-like grip.
December 11: She roasted the wieners over a grill... because winter barbecue is totally a thing to do at Christmas!
December 12: And then a rather rocket-like Christmas tree grew up out of the floor in the living room, kind of like the ICBM in that scene from Weird Science. You know, when they try to make a second Lisa for the school bullies? and things go all wacky because, science?
Wow, week 2 started out in the dumps, but then got downright Freudian!

In real-world news, the packening continues apace, and our apartment resembles a box fort more and more every day. While somewhere deep inside me, my inner child thinks it's kind of neat to be living in a box fort, my grownup self who thinks about things like "getting into the bathroom" and "reaching the light switch" mostly finds it obnoxious.


  1. That dog was just about to retire too. I hope the packing goes well Geoff since it's better to pack early than late.

    1. Yeah, he had a wife and pups back home too!

      Packing is moving forward, albeit slowly. Fortunately, we have a lot of friends who have been helping out. We'll get there.


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