Monday, March 2, 2015

Mini Painting Day!

We had our regularly scheduled D&D session this Sunday, but because PCs have just dinged to a new level, and because we have a former member of our game group rejoining, I offered my group the option of either leveling on their own, then playing as usual, or leveling as a group, and then doing a mini painting day. They opted for the latter option, so I set up my painting gear in the dining room, and we spent the afternoon painting.

 S painted up her chain-wielding pit fighter. Excellent do for her very first mini.

N painted this Bones figure to be his gnomish wizard. He had never worked with Bones minis before. I also taught him about the glories of washes for smoothing out rough edges and blending highlights.

For my part, I finished this mummy, which I had previously base coated.

I also painted up this excellent land shark that came with the Bones II set. Heavily textured models sometimes seem to just paint themselves, because the sculpt does all the work for you. I was really pleased with how this little guy turned out.

But my favorite of the day, and I think my favorite mini paint job to-date, was this mimic, who will serve as a figurine for Baux, the mimic trader in my campaign. I was especially pleased that I managed to pick out the skull that is stuck under the mimic's tongue.

Today got me jazzed to put some more time in on the other 300+ minis I have waiting for paint. Hopefully I'll be able to make some more progress moving forward.

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