Thursday, March 24, 2016

Painting Pile: Orc Berserker

I stayed home sick yesterday, and some loud road work happening directly outside my house prevented me from properly convalescing, so I decided to knock out one of the minis I had primed on my craft desk.

I painted up the orc berserker from Reaper's Bones line. I wanted to practice a couple things with this paint job. First was to experiment with unusual skin tones. I actually used a blue gray as the flesh undercoat on this guy and then built up through layers of green mixed with leather brown finishing with a mix of leather brown and ivory for the highlights. I'm fairly pleased with the slightly olive skin tone that resulted.

I also noticed what I thought was supposed to be severe scarring on the right side of the orc's face. In retrospect, after reviewing some of the other paint jobs in the Reaper Bones gallery I'm not sure that was the intent in the sculpt, but I decided to give him a dead eye and a wicked, fleshy burn scar. I actually really like the result!

The last thing I was really practicing on this paint was my color blending and in particular my metal hilighting. I am pretty pleased with how the highlight on the sword turned out, and I like that the tone of the metal on the sword, the chain mail and the sort of cast iron look of the armor plates are all slightly different. It helps that orcs can be a little messy. I may need to refine my non-metallic metal technique a bit before tackling a crisp and clean paladin.

During this paint, I also noticed that I seem to default to red for fabric colors. Not sure why that is, since my favorite colors are blue and green, but I have a whole bunch of metal, leather and red minis painted up. I added a bit of orange highlight to try and change this guy up a bit, but after drying, it still looks pretty red.

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